The high-quality production process consists of technologically thorough steps, including the careful selection of fruit and vegetables, thorough washing and grinding, cold-pressing, pasteurisation and bottle filling, all under strict hygiene requirements.

FRUXI FRESH is the 100% juice with no added preservatives. It does not contain any synthetic colourants and it is cold-pressed with no added water or sugar. Thanks to these properties and the preparation procedure, the juice ranks among the top-class products in this segment. It is suitable for everyday consumption for children and adults. With each gulp, FRUXI FRESH gives you the vitamins that are necessary for the proper nutrition and for increasing your natural immunity. It substitutes the intake of fruit and vegetables. It does not border the body and has a positive effect on your mind.

An interesting fact – to produce one litre of 100% FRUXI FRESH Apple juice, 16 ripe apples are used. For other attractive flavours, we need, for example, 7 oranges, 15 pears, 4 grapefruits, 9 beetroots or 20 carrots.

No preservatives.

FRUXI FRESH is 100% juice made of fruit and vegetables with no added preservatives.

Preservatives (additives) are substances that are added to foods to extend their shelf life, intensify their taste, or restore their colour. They also give foods the sweet taste without using sugar.

The preservatives that are most frequently used in the food industry include sulphur dioxide and sulphides (E220 – E228), benzoic acid and benzoates (E210 – E213), sorbic acid and sorbates (E200 – E203), nitrites and nitrates (E249 – E252).

Many of them rank among the substances that might impose a risk since they may induce allergies and contribute to the development of migraine. Some of them are even potential carcinogens.


No synthetic colourants

Hygiene rules distinguish between the colourants from natural sources and the colourants prepared through chemical processes (synthetic colourants). The requirements regarding their use are defined in the Food Code, which specifies, for example, the requirement that non-alcoholic beverages should contain primarily natural colourants or nature identical colourants, but they must be stated in the list of ingredients on the consumer packaging. As for natural colourants, the most frequently used ones include primarily carotenoids E160a (yellow, orange), curcumin and flavonoids (yellow), anthocyans E163 (blue, red, violet), chlorophylls E140 (green), caramel E150 and other.

Based on various studies and research activities, there are efforts aimed at restricting the use of synthetic colourants to the minimum necessary level. It is important to understand their hygiene- and toxicology-related effects on the organism, they must not affect organoleptic properties of foods (taste and scent), and they must be wholesome. The permitted synthetic colourants include: tartrazine E102 (lemon yellow), Green S E142 (green), azorubine E122 (blue-red), erythrosine E127 (red), Black BN E151 (black) and other. However, the colourants used as additives in the food industry impose various risks for human health – they may induce various allergic reactions, hyperactivity in children, they may act as carcinogens, cause asthma, behavioural disorders, etc.

Particularly for those reasons, 100% FRUXI FRESH juices are produced using natural colourants only so each product maintains its original natural colour; this causes that two bottles of the same flavour may have different colour tones, which obviously does not reduce the quality of the products.

No added sugar or water

At present, it is difficult to fully understand the industry of fruit and vegetable juices, because “juice” is the name given also to beverages containing artificial sweeteners, which have only a little common with genuine fruit juices. Shops nowadays offer juices that pretend to be 100% healthy fruit juices, but they contain unhealthy sweeteners or added sugar. The “No added sugar” sign will completely vanish since 100% or fresh juices will no longer be allowed to contain sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Since FRUXI FRESH is the 100% juice, it does not contain any added water because it is not made of concentrate. In the production and processing of concentrates, water from the juiced fruit and vegetables evaporates during the boiling process at a temperature of 110°C to reduce the volume of the concentrate to approximately 1/5 for the sake of storage and capacity. Juice producers then thin their juices down with water and add various additives, which is never the case in the production of 100% FRUXI FRESH juices. So do not get misguided by an idea that 100% juice made of concentrate is the same as 100% juice.


It does not contain concentrate

It is not made of concentrate. This statement is printed on the packaging of beverages more and more often.

But how are concentrates actually produced? At first, whole fruits are pressed to push out the juice. This is followed by the removal of pulp, with which a large portion of enzymes and nutrients is taken away. Subsequently, all is boiled at a temperature of 110°C. Unfortunately, the elimination of harmful microorganism is accompanied by the destruction of large amounts of vitamins. Concentrate is formed after water evaporates to one fifth of its volume. In the next step, colourants and flavours are added, depending on a particular recipe. Finished concentrates are supplied to beverage manufacturers, who can adjust them as needed, thin them down with water (the amount of added water is the same as that of evaporated water), add sugars, synthetic vitamins, minerals and the granulate, the purpose of which is to make an impression of pieces of fruits floating on the surface.

The production of our 100% FRUXI FRESH juice never includes such processes, and the secret of its quality and taste lies in the process steps, which include the careful selection of fruits and vegetables, thorough washing and grinding, cold-pressing, pasteurisation, as well as filling the 100% juice into bottles under strict hygiene requiremets.

Preservation of vitamins

A beverage made of fruit and vegetables may only be beneficial to our health if it is of high quality, with no added preservatives, synthetic aromas and colourants. The quality of 100% FRUXI FRESH juices is determined primarily by the ingredients used in the production. That is why we require from all of our suppliers to comply with detailed specifications and submit the required certificates and other analyses of the supplied materials, which we subsequently review and verify the physical and chemical properties of those materials, as well as their microbiological safety.

Since the 100% FRUXI FRESH juices are cold-pressed, the resulting products contain a lot of preserved vitamins and minerals, which would normally be consumed with several kilograms of fresh fruit and vegetables. In addition to many vitamins (A, B, C, E) and minerals (calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium) which are important for healthy development of children, some fruits (e.g. oranges or apples) also contain pectin (fibre) and organic acids, which may absorb fats and toxins from the digestive tract. The beneficial effects of 100% FRUXI FRESH juices can be experienced not only by children but also consumers who suffer from high cholesterol levels, too much stress and lack of energy, as well as those who wish to preserve their healthy and youthful appearance.