No ingredients
of animal origin

100% natural

This product
does not contain any E-Number food additives.

This product
does not contain gluten.

Fruxi fresh

is the 100 % juice with no added preservatives. It does not contain any synthetic colourants and it is cold-pressed with no added water or sugar.

Thanks to these properties and the preparation procedure, the juice ranks among the top-class products in this segment. It is suitable for everyday consumption for children and adults. With each gulp, FRUXI FRESH gives you the vitamins that are necessary for the proper nutrition and for increasing your natural immunity. It does not burden the body, it eliminates tiredness, and gives energy and vitality to the body.

Production process

How is a 100% natural product produced?

The Fruxi Fresh production process is extremely simple. It begins with washing the fruit and continues with grinding, pressing, pasteurisation and subsequent filling into bottles.

That is all. Simple, right?

Fruxi fresh