Our FRUXI Garden Multivitamin nectar is for your taste buds like a colour palette of fruity expressions. With each gulp, you will experience a dynamic and harmonic combination of a variety of fruit tones, which will bring your taste receptor cells to life. This beverage is not only about the refreshment, it is also an explosive cocktail of energy and vitamins that will overwhelm your body in each fiery flash of flavours.

You will feel how the sweet taste combines with the sour taste of citruses.

In each refreshing gulp, the variety of fruit elements are combined in a single beverage, bringing you a sensation of health and vitality. You will feel how each vitamin and mineral from the fruit juices takes care of your body, charging it with new energy. This multivitamin bomb is not just a refreshing beverage, it is also your reliable partner on your way to general well-being and health.

Available volumes

1 l